Nurture 3 FAQs


We just launched our Nurture 3 Program and you might have some questions! Great news...we have the answers! 😎
Do I have to subscribe to gain access to the Nurture 3 Enrollment & LRP Trainings?
No! We want everyone to have access to these valuable trainings. They are designed to help you achieve the lowest common denominator to success: Your Personal Enrolling Rhythm. Learn how to consistently get new enrollments and LRP orders every month, in a way that feels natural to you! Access them here!
How does the subscription work? (Pausing, canceling, shipping, etc.)
You can subscribe to get 3, 5, or 10 books every month for just $18 each. There is no monthly or annual fee, just pay for the books! You can also change how many books you would like each month.
You can also pause your subscription for any amount of time and resume your subscription at any time without fee or penalty. You can also cancel your subscription at any time without a fee or penalty. You must pause or cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the date of your subscription renewal.
All books will ship to a single address each month. You can change the shipping address each month if you’d like.
Login to your Subscription Portal here to view and manage all aspects of your subscription. You must create an account if you have not already.
What is Rocket Network Marketing, and how do I know if I am part of the 250 people who get it for free?
Rocket Network Marketing is a 7-step program to strategically generate residual income while still being totally authentic to who you are as your truest self. The full program is worth $267. Launch Pad, the miniature version of the program, is worth $47. Learn more here!
We will send you an access code within 48 hours of your purchase so you can get your free access to Rocket Network Marketing or Launch Pad! We will stop advertising the promotion once all courses have been claimed. If we are still advertising the promotion here, there is still a free course for you!
Is Nurture 3 available internationally?
Not yet! We always like to fine-tune our offers in the United States before launching in international markets. That being said, keep an eye out for exciting things coming to our international Oil Magic community in the coming months!
Do I get a refund if I failed to change, pause, or cancel my subscription on time?
For our Nurture 3 subscription if you forget to change, pause, or cancel your subscription in time, we do not offer refunds.
Why can't I access my subscription account?
Please note an account is not automatically created when you sign up for the subscription. You need to create one after your purchase in order to manage your subscription. Click here to create your account.