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      Most wellness advocates begin sharing oils because they want to help others. You want to change the lives of others, and provide for your family. You want to succeed, and build something meaningful and purpose driven.

      But let’s be honest… trying to be successful is scary and hard! You don’t want to fail and disappoint your family or the people you work with. Sometimes you feel your actions aren’t yielding the results you thought they would - and that you are just spinning your wheels. What works for others doesn’t always work for you or feel natural, and it's easy to get tired or burnt out!

      You want to feel that your business is manageable and approachable, and feel confident that your actions will lead to real, tangible success. You want to see sustainable growth that will make a huge difference over time. You want to have a strong team that is empowered to create their own success, and become their own experts! You would love to have access to the same resources that make the big dogs successful - time, money, supplies, and books.

      The question is... How is it done?!

      The HOW can be summarized in one concept: CONSISTENT MONTHLY ENROLLMENTS & NEW LRP ORDERS.

      Take your focus away from trying to do big things sporadically, you’re going to burn yourself out! Sprints to obtain large amounts of enrollments or new LRP orders in a short time are not sustainable. Instead, what if you focused on getting just a few new enrollments and LRP orders each month? Compounding the social and financial momentum of just 3 new enrollments and LRP orders every month will grow into the sustainable and profitable business you dream of!