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Enrollment Accelerator
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Enrollment Accelerator

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Wellness Advocates are finding their way back to business as usual, and we're stoked to give you a HUGE BOOST!

This course will focus on helping you and your team get into a simple, easy, duplicatable enrollment rhythm.


It is all about simplifying the way you achieve the 3 measurable metrics that actually grow your dōTERRA business:

  • New enrollments (with a kit!)
  • New LRP Orders
  • Increasing average order size

When you have all three of these things happening consistently, your business growth is inevitable! Here's how you'll learn:

"Get Your Next 3 Enrollments FAST!"

  • Identify low-hanging fruit (easy people to reach out to)
  • Simplified sharing (to get easy commitments!)
  • Simplified enrolling (the 10 minute kind!)
  • BONUS: Simplified LRP (your yoga friends should be effortless)
  • BONUS: Simplified Placements

"Building a Personal dōTERRA Brand that Grows"

  • What makes consistency possible (Joy & Authenticity!)
  • Why sameness doesn’t work in network marketing (Controversy: Duplication Models)
  • BREAKOUTS with guest speaker dōTERRA stars
    • How I found my niche
    • How I established my brand
    • How I found my sales model
  • Identify your essential oils niche & brand
  • Identify your unique & ideal sales model
  • Exploring possible sales models (classes, webinars, events, B2B, etc.)
  • Incentives that get enrollments & LRP’s

"Systematically Get LRP's & Bigger Orders"

  • Tuning your personal LRP pitch
  • Reactivating and hyper-activating existing customers (don't leave money on the table!)
  • BREAKOUTS with dōTERRA Star Leaders
    • How I get new people on LRP consistently
    • How I connect with existing customers (to increase order size and nurture relationships)
    • How I reactivate inactive customers
  • Putting your custom enrollment plan into motion