Healthy Start Oil Magic

Healthy Start Oil Magic

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Healthy Start Oil Magic is the newest book from Oil Magic - and it's all about the hundreds of things you can do with just the top 10 essential oils and blends.

Oil Magic readers agree that they love how simple Oil Magic books make using essential oils. They know how many drops to use, where to use them, and how often. It’s never been easier to see the true magic of essential oils.

Healthy Start Oil Magic Includes:

➣  Hundreds of uses of the top 10 oils & blends
➣  100 Family Remedies using just the top 10 oils
➣  The chemistry that makes each oil work
➣  Recipes & DIYs
➣  QR Sharable videos

You knew the basics are always important. But you may not have known you could do this much awesome with just the top 10 oils! Oils include:

➣ Frankincense
➣ Lavender
➣ Lemon
➣ Oregano
➣ Peppermint
➣ Tea Tree
➣ Digestive Blend
➣ Protective Blend
➣ Respiratory Blend
➣ Soothing Blend