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The Most Requested Essential Oil Reference Book for a Reason

ADVANCED Oil Magic is one of my most used oil resources and is SO well laid out info-wise! It is easy for customers who are just starting out with oils and yet is so informative that I love it when I’m researching blends, oil characteristics... and it has all of dōTERRA's supplements as well!



If you love #essentialoils as much as I do you’ll want to add this book to your collection. It’s timeless... It gives you a quick reference to #ailments#conditions hundreds of #recipes all in one gorgeous from cover to cover book!! It’s absolutely a treasure!



😍 wow 😍 It’s amazing! You can look up ailments and it will give you specific instructions on what to do - what oils, how to use them, how often and what supplements to use. EASY PEASY!!! I love this resource book.