The Magic is in the Protocols

Meet Simplicity & Accuracy

Whether you're looking up an ailment for quick reference, or looking for a detailed protocol, we give you precise direction.

Oil Magic protocols were written by a group of holistic health coaches, naturopaths, and Chinese medicine experts. 

You'll know how many drops to use, how often, and for how long. No guessing. No confusion. Just magic.

The Most Useful Resource Yet

Users all around the world agree that no essential oil reference book is as easy to use as ADVANCED Oil Magic and Essential Oil Magic.

The Emotions & Energy section tells you precisely what to do and what to expect. The Science section makes essential oil science applicable to your home and family.

ADVANCED & Essential

ADVANCED Oil Magic has more protocols, emotional usage, inspiring science, and exposure to more products.

Essential Oil Magic is perfect for smaller kit incentives and on-the-go use.

How Do Magic QR Codes Work?

Each single oil page in the ADVANCED Oil Magic book contains a magic QR code that takes you to one of our favorite videos about that oil. Just flash the camera of your smart phone at the code, and presto! No more video links to keep track of (or lose)!